What is Optimized Content?

Content is “optimized” if it’s been written and published to provide maximum visibility. It’s all about exposure, the more people that see your content the more valuable and effective that content will be.

Most people refer to optimized content as something that’s only affiliated with seo. The process of marketing your site in search engines. However there are several super highways online, in addition to those search engines, that provide tools for optimizing your content in order to get more exposure. We’re talking about high traffic webspaces such as amazon, E-Bay, Facebook, Twitter, and the latest competitor to the online superhighways , mobile apps. Applications for social networking (Instagram), horoscopes, photo editing, etc. have millions of downloads and daily users which can provide invaluable exposure for your business/brand.

So… Optimized content is all about writing content, and then using the tools available to bring more awareness to that content.

With search engines you might use html tags  (private notes to the search engine which are attached to to a blog or website page, these tags help the search engines understand the content you’re publishing) with additional descriptions and suggested keywords.

The process of optimizing is systematic, and requires several skills such as:

  • creative, descriptive writing.
  • ability to read and reactive to web analytics.
  • understanding of algorithms and reverse engineering your potential placements.

Long story short, it’s not for everyone!

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