Looking to start a new business or grow your existing business by building a new website? We use WordPress and have the ability to build a custom website, graphics, videos, content or custom behaviors (scheduling, lead generation, e-commerce etc.) that you need!

WordPress is a free, open source website design tool developed using one of many web building “languages” PHP. Wordress allows users to obtain a domain name and web hosting and then start building! Consisting of about 1500 files, the wordpress system starts blank with little content. New WordPress websites will require plenty of configuring to reflect a completed website.

Typically customers want a website with their logo, contact information etc. Once you get the basics done a website has the ability to sell items, schedule appointments, generate leads, etc. Viral Optimized can build your webpage to your specifications. Request a consultation or estimate┬áto hire Viral Optimized and qet a quote to build or improve your business’ website.

When Viral Optimized builds a website for you we can purchase your domain name, set up and provide hosting, consulting, teach you how to use it and more!

  • Websites Viral Optimized can create a brand new website just the way you like with custom logos, pages, content, blogs, images etc.
  • Graphic Design We can create custom logos, business card and website graphics, banners, website buttons etc.
  • Custom Behaviors A stock website doesn't come with an arena for selling items, accepting potential leads or inquiries, to schedule appointments
  • Content Creation Creating content is important for informing your audience of your products and services AND increasing your chances of gaining search exposure for your website.