Business is booming online and Social Media is the new kid on the block! Business owners all over the world rely on free social media accounts like Google, Twitter, Instagram and many others to spread the word about their business, product and services. Most networks allow you to create a profile for yourself and or your business which can be used to link to a website or online store, the network will typically have a large network which is relevant to your business and can be used as a source to farm for potential customers!

social-media-marketing1Social Media is typically free… however some networks have adopted Google’s AdWords (Pay Per Click or PPC) marketing strategies. Basically offering the ability for page a owner to PAY for exposure rather than to network and earn it the hard/long way. We can hep you learn more about the social networking accounts that offer paid marketing services in addition to the free ones.

In the early internet years there were a limited number of superhighways for a business owner to gain mass exposure. These options typically revolve around a search engine and eventually grew to include online retail giants like Ebay and Amazon. Social Media networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have grown so large that they too are now considered to be an internet marketing “superhighway” of their own.

Viral Optimized specializes in using the free social media marketing tools available to all business owners to increase your exposure, reach, customer trust levels, customer services, website hits, website conversions, search engine exposure and rankings as well as brand your business with the proper content for social! Using a series of our own unique marketing methods we are able to maintain and manage multiple networks and then use those networks to push your site in an aggressive viral fashion!

  • Create and or Optimize New Social Media Accounts You can hire us to create and optimize brand new social media accounts for your business. Or hire us to edit and optimized your existing business' social accounts.
  • Manage Your Social Media Accounts Hire Viral Optimized to actually promote your business for you. We will curate new content, create post that encourage engagement, increase your reach and more!
  • Social Media Marketing Consulting Learn more about how to promote your business on social media. Our marketing professionals will help you learn with phone and video share consultations!