Search Engine MarketingSearch Engine Marketing is the process of promoting your website’s pages, posts, images, or videos through search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc. There are multiple ways to gain exposure from the search engines’ search results. The two main ways are called “organic” and “Paid” search marketing. The Organic method is free, users will submit their site and play the ranking game to earn exposure. The Paid method allows users to place bids on keywords with specific engines like Google or Bing, it’s an auction style setting that offers high risk, high reward marketing exposure.

Viral Optimized will help you learn the difference between the two including methods that are used to promote retail vs. service based business, local or national etc. Most of myths and content that you read about online lead users to believe that there’s a magical method to promoting and earning the top spot on a search engine such as Google. The truth is THERE ARE NO TRICKS to SEO. There are a series of things that search engines appreciate and things they dislike. Typically the argument is to create content that becomes searchable with clear keywords, descriptions, titles etc. Search engines function using an automated system that basically determines which website will go first and then last in a set of search results based on the person searching, their location, search history, and the term(s) they searched.

We offer Search Engine Optimization services for retail and e-commerce based websites, blogs, internet magazines, lead generation websites, local and national service websites, national and international optimization. Request an estimate or consultation to get started an a member of our marketing staff will be in touch within one business day.

  • Organic/ Natural SEO We can optimize your website for natural (organic) search exposure. Our team can promote your retail or service based site and help you index your pages, blog posts, images, and videos!
  • Paid or PPC Paying for search exposure is a process similar to an auction allowing business owners to place bids on keywords or phrases which their website will be displayed under. There are multiple Pay Per Click networks available, Google and Bing offer the most popular paid click services. Paid clicks are an aggressive form of marketing that offer lower ROI for high risk high reward type marketing campaigns.
  • Search Engine Marketing Consultations. The first consultation is free. Our expert marketing staff will contact you regarding and for of search marketing your interested in. We will discuss the multiple options for gaining search exposure and if needed we can provide additional consultations which our clients use to receive phone and screen share tutorials on optimizing a website for better search exposure, traffic, and conversions.
  • There are no magic trick to SEO Most people assume that there's a simple method or trick to get a site listed at the top of a set of search results. The facts are that Google builds a reputation on providing relevant websites to their "searchers." LONG STORY SHORT: The search engines are going to find the most relevant sites and list them first, even if you're able to find a quick trick to gain temporary search exposure it will not last, and it's not worth it!