Optimize your social media accounts for better marketing results

social-media-marketing_0If you plan on using social media networks to promote your business you should be aware of potential marketing benefits and how to receive those benefits. Social Networks are the latest “super highways” of the internet, competing with past super highways like Search Engines and retail giants like Ebay and Amazon. With hundreds of millions of users on some social networks it’s become one of the go-to marketing tools for business owners big and small. Recently Search Engines have started to consider “social signals” as a factor in determining which sites should be listed first and last in a set of search results. Social media marketing is here to stay, it’s important that your business uses social media, and that your business owns an optimized account with each social network.

The concept of “optimizing” a social media account is relatively new, but also pretty basic. Each network will have a username, biography or description, a dedicated area for your site’s URL, profile image, banner etc. Some social networks will allow for more optimization than others, and the ability to optimize will vary. Facebook is the most advanced of all the networks providing a series of advanced settings for short descriptions, long descriptions, to target an audience, describe your products or services, your business location, operating hours, custom URL’s and many more. Instagram is possibly the most basic requiring a simple profile image, no banners, a short bio, a single dedicated area for URL or web links etc. At any rate the settings a social site provides are important if you want your account optimized.

Optimize Your Business Marketing
Optimize your business’ website, social media accounts, posts, pages, images etc. to receive the most possible reach and marketing benefits.

To optimize your account is similar to what you might do for search optimization. In fact, most social networks have a search function that functions sort of like a mini search engine. Optimizing the content on your social sites will not only bring you additional exposure within that particular social network but it will also help your main website’s ranking in the real search results. Often times the content your business posts on social media is actually listed in the search results just like the content posted to your website. Often times a potential customer can find a business Facebook page and then visit the business’ website resulting in a sale!

It’s a good idea to include relevant keywords in your social bio’s, to use those same keywords as hashtags, to try and use those keywords or your website name as your social media handle etc. And Remember that optimizing doesn’t end with your social account’s profile or bio descriptions. Each and every post can ideally be :optimized” with proper writing, short and to the point content that is relevant to your products or services and of course using some hash tags.


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