How important is “content” when it comes to marketing?

Content and marketing importance
content is the most important factor in marketing and optimization.

Content is in fact one of the highest ranking factors considered when Google determines who gets to be seen at the top of the search results. In regards to social media you must consider that the content you add to your images and posts can be optimized to increase the chances of your post being “shared” which forces it to go viral! Ultimately the content you add on your website and social media accounts are directly related to how successful your marketing can be.


Consider this: if your post or page doesn’t contain content regarding a particular┬átopic then Google couldn’t possibly find your website “relevant” to that particular topic. Google will only rank and list websites that it deems to be relevant.This means that your site must contain enough detailed information, titles, tags, hash tags etc about a particular topic if your website page, image or post is to be ranked when people search for that topic.

When creating a post on your webspace, website, blog, or social media account you must assume that your audience has no idea what your talking about. Your job is to be so descriptive, and organized that you could explain yourself to someone that can’t see. This blind person must be able to “visualize” the topic and details you are describing! The content needs to be delivered well, it need to be neat, organized and helpful. You want people to bookmark, share, refer back to or tell other people about your content.

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Of course there’s a lot more to marketing and content. content is one of many factors that a search engine will consider when ranking your website’s pages, posts, images etc. Search engines rely on automated algorithms that consider several additional factors such as the “weight” of “links” that are pointing back to or referring to your website’s content, how many users have seen your content, came back and seen your content more than one time, have shared your content to social sites, blogs, etc. There are hundreds of factors that a search engine could consider, however we can make and argument that amazing content will be so valuable and will engage your audience provoking them to share or to take any other helpful actions.

One thing is certain, bad content will get little to no recognition. And content that doesn’t exist will never be seen. If you want great marketing results you should always start with great content!

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