What is Optimized Content?

Content is “optimized” if it’s been written and published to provide maximum visibility. It’s all about exposure, the more people that see your content the more valuable and effective that content will be. Most people refer to optimized content as something … Continued

Are you using instagram marketing to promote your business?

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Instagram is an amazing marketing tool and a great way to build your brand with social media. Promoting with instagram cost next to nothing (there are no costs, just your time) and can produce marketing results that compete with other … Continued

Optimize your social media accounts for better marketing results

If you plan on using social media networks to promote your business you should be aware of potential marketing benefits and how to receive those benefits. Social Networks are the latest “super highways” of the internet, competing with past super highways … Continued

About Viral Optimized

ViralOptimized.Com is a “content creation” and optimization company that specializes in writing content that the search engines LOVE, and creating content that provokes social media users to re post your content, or go “viral!” Statistically the services we offer can be … Continued