Are you using instagram marketing to promote your business?

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Build your brand with instagram
Build your business or brand with Instagram, the second largest social network which is completely free and available for any mobile device, smart phone, tablet etc.

Instagram is an amazing marketing tool and a great way to build your brand with social media. Promoting with instagram cost next to nothing (there are no costs, just your time) and can produce marketing results that compete with other social networks often used as marketing tools such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

Unlike most social media accounts Instagram is very very basic. Offering a limited set of features when posting, tagging, commenting etc. For example you cannot add a link in the comment portion, the only place to add/click a link on Instagram is in the bio of each profile (if you add the link.)

We noticed that most companies are using Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ but have stayed away from Instagram or have yet to create an account. Our opinion is that Instagram as a marketing tool (when used correctly) provides more reach and traffic, for less time and energy than most other networks. Customers are also more likely to purchase a product or service from a company they follow on Instagram. We believe customers become more comfortable and trusting of your product or services when their able to see your companies profile on a social network. It helps them put a visual to your company and understand your brand.

Instagram has 300 Million+ users!
The fastest growing social network, Instagram has now surpassed Twitter as the second largest social network.

Are you using instagram yet? If not you should! Head over to the google play store, android store, or apple store to download the Instagram social network for free now! The app will allow you to create a profile for yourself or your business in a few minutes. Be sure to add a profile image, name, bio, and your website URL. Once you create the account you’ll be able to search hashtags that are relevant to your business and start networking with others right away. Instagram is a very basic app, much easier to learn and use than Facebook which has more settings and usages.

Hootsuite: Social Relationship Platform
Be sure to search for additional apps that work well with Instagram. Although IG offers multiple photo editing tools, cropping, and filter features you’ll find additional editing tools helpful. Most users like to use Emoji’s, apps that allow you to add images, create a collage, track your new followers, lost followers, etc. Using these helpful apps and a little effort it’s easy to gain followers and start spreading your content all over the world, you might even go viral!

Instagram Marketing and Posting How To
The Instagram social app is amazing! Offering a simple but effective set of features.
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