About Viral Optimized

ViralOptimized.Com is a “content creation” and optimization company that specializes in writing content that the search engines LOVE, and creating content that provokes social media users to re post your content, or go¬†“viral!”

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Statistically the services we offer can be measured using any website tracking, or web analytics system. Meaning that we are confident you will see an absolute increase in your web traffic based off of the content we create, post, and share FOR YOU!

The content we add is written, and posted by journalists with college degrees here in the United States. Nothing is outsourced over-seas and satisfaction is guaranteed! The services we offer are billed at flat rates, and include:

  • Writing page(s) content for your website $75.00/HR
  • Programming your website: $100.00/HR
  • SEO: monthly packages starting at $500.00/mo for local SEO
  • Social Media Management: Varies : $100.00 minimum service
  • Consulting, brand management: Learn how to get from “a to z” ASAP!: $250.00 per hour
  • Graphic Design: $80/hr
  • Complete Website: Varies, starting at $500.00

Each and every service we provided is designed to show instant improvements to your websites traffic which is generated through premium content. Premium content can be written and added to a site, or it can be the perfect tweet, Facebook, or Instagram post and caption etc. The point is that we understand internet marketing top to bottom, we’ve created this site as a resource for someone that needs quality help at affordable rates!

The work that we outsource will only be outsourced to our network of partner and parent companies. Again, an American based company that serves a purpose in our network by¬†accelerating in their own unique niche; Graphic design make things look pretty, they don’t specialize in research and creative writing; Marketing is a science in and of itself, the person promoting your business needs to understand how you make money and who will pay for your products. Then they will show you how to reach them!

Viral optimized content, going viral on social media is all about what you post!
Viral Optimized offers content curators and complete services that include creating and spreading the word about social and internet based events!
Contact us for a free estimate and one free consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help your business reach more customers through search engines, social media, and some ViralOptimized content creators!
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