Viral Optimized is owned and operated by Mr. Ron and Barbara Rodgers. The business was founded as an outlet to make some extra money and has evolved into what you see today. In June of 2014 Viral Optimized partnered with the internet marketing agency Simple Media Marketing Solutions.

Through a series of optimizing tools we have created a series of basic services that can hep any business, brand or organization get more recognition and conversions.  Viral optimized content is so valuable because the content provokes users to engage your business online or using social media.

Throughout the optimization process and through our partner networks with Simple Media Marketing Solutions we’ve developed a series of services for any business owner including content creation, logo design, web design, digital marketing, social and search engine optimization and more!

Contact us for a free estimate and consultation to learn more about Viral optimized content and how we can help your business get more traffic and awareness!